Snap Solutions is a design agency who focuses on (mass) producible industrial products. Our strength is to combine a working product with all the marketing aspects involving the process. Snap Solutions has worked on large and small products with a large network of producers, engineers and graphical artists; which means we can develop a product fast towards the best solution. We get excited from smart functional integrations, costs savings and product improvements. These are all aspects that have a significant role in the product development.

Matthias van Middendorp

Matthias van Middendorp

"When I am working on a particular project I see solutions everywhere"

Product development is a complicated process where all possibilities have to be considered. It is in my nature to understand as many processes as possible; what decisions are made, how the object is produced, what the context is etc. When I am working on a particular project I see solutions everywhere. I have two main focuses: exploring and creating. A very well thought design intrigues me with as few components as possible, clear assembly steps and the necessary functionality in a simple and aesthetic design.

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